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Tips for maximizing your income with paid surveys

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1. Most of the survey sites ask you to fill out one or more profile surveys. Even though they are
not paid surveys, fill them all in order to increase the chances of getting more paid surveys
2. Join as many survey sites as possible. It is a time-consuming process but once you have
joined around 60 to 70 companies, you can probably get over ten surveys every day. You can download RoboForm: Learn more...

Roboform free of charge for auto-filling the registration forms.
3. At first, most of the survey companies will only offer some $1 or 2$ surveys or only reward
with sweepstakes entries. These can still be worth completing as once you build up a good
reputation, you will start receiving more survey offers, and then you can pick and choose the
highest paid survey.
4. Set up a new email address to collect the surveys.
5. Check your e-mail inbox daily. Learning how to organize is the key to succeed in online
business. Respond to all correspondence. Take all surveys for which you qualify.

But... for most people it would be better to look at your income from paid online surveys as
supplemental income, another income stream out of several, than to try to support yourself
completely from paid surveys alone.

Realistically your potential income from paid online surveys will vary with your demographics.
If, for instance, you are an upper middle class, middle aged mother or career woman living in a
large metropolitan you will be offered a large number of paid online surveys. However, if your
income is low and you live in a small village or rural area, you will receive considerably fewer

Good Luck!

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Benefits of Paid Survey Work


1. Money. Paid online surveys generally pay the equivalent of $10 to $25 per hour. Some pay
more, some pay less but most are in the $10 to $25 range. US Residents can make $500 - $700 a
month and if you work at it you can bring in over $1,000 a month. While it won't make you rich
it will definitely help out, and it's easy money.

2. Easy Work. Filling out paid online surveys consists of logging on, reading your e-mail,
accepting the survey, then spending a few minutes at the computer screen checking boxes on a
questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers. They just want your opinion, how you see it,
how does it strike you. Nothing hard about that!

3. Prestige. You get asked for your opinion, your view of things. Who isn’t flattered by that?
Gives you a good feeling that your two cents' worth is being taken into account, that your ideas
are influencing the world!

4. Work Your Own Hours. There's no fixed hours, no timeclock to punch. You just log on
when you are ready and start when you please. You can do the work in the morning, evening,
middle of the night, whenever! It's all up to you. You are your own boss.

5. Work From Anywhere. You can work from your home computer. You can do it in your
pajamas. You can take your portable computer with you and do it anywhere, at the beach, at a
restaurant, a bar, anywhere.

6. Freebies. Some surveys involve the characteristics and details of new or existing products. So
that you can intelligently comment on the products the companies will send them to you for free.
You get free products, test them, use them, then give your opinion, tell them what you thought
about the product. Tell them what you liked least, liked most and what changes or improvements
you would suggest. Then you get paid for the survey, and... you keep the product!

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Online Paid Surveys - Truths And Myths


Online paid surveys can make you rich: true or false? The answer is false. But before delete this
guide in disgust, allow me to explain more. Completing surveys can never make you rich. But to
earn a second income is truly achievable. So the next time you read that you can get rich from
doing online surveys, move on quickly! This section reveals a few truths and dispel some of the
myths about making money from online paid surveys.

Myth 1 - You Can Become Rich from Taking Surveys
If you consider earning a few hundred to several thousand dollars as being wealthy, then you
could say that doing free internet paid surveys can make you rich. But to the average person,
being rich tends to be defined somewhat higher and you cannot become a millionaire from

The Truth - You Can Pay Off Bills from Taking Surveys
Completing paid surveys, you can earn enough to pay off bills, buy treats for the family, go out
for dinners, or make your car loan repayments etc..

Myth 2 - You Can Cheat the Survey System
Folks have beaten the survey system. So can you. What they do is to check the answer across the
same column in each questionnaire. Completing each survey takes no more than 5 minutes flat.
No thinking is needed, just mindless finger action. The logic being that the faster you complete a
survey, the more you do and the more you can earn.

The Truth - The Survey System Outsmarts You
Some smart alecks think that they can beat the survey systems. Unfortunately for them, the
online surveys are reviewed by human beings. The system may take your answers but they won’t
escape the scrutiny of a trained evaluator. You would not only not get paid for that particular
survey but there is a high risk of having your account closed just for trying to earn a few quick

Myth 3 - You Can Second Guess the Answers
Some “experienced” survey takers second guess the answers to the survey questions. Why do
they do this? The reason is simple. Paid surveys require prescreening, a prequalification to
assess your eligibility for the surveys. This is especially important with high paying surveys or
focus group discussions which can net you up to $150 per session. People would try to emulate
the response of a potential candidate in order to participate in the surveys. Some also lie about
their hobbies such that they can be offered more survey opportunities.

The Truth - You are Second Guessed!
The online paid surveys system is smarter than that. The survey companies are either using
human reviewers or garnering programs to review the answers or both. So if you think you can
second guess the appropriate answer for each question, then you may be in for a shock. They
have tons of statistical data and intelligent software to help them decipher the information you
provide. While it does not work every time, it is just not worth risking your account for that.

Myth 4 - You Can Succeed With Just One Survey Company
Stay loyal to one survey or market research company and you would get the chance to do
numerous surveys and make a killing out of it.
The Truth - You Can Succeed Only With Numerous Survey Companies
Professional survey takers do not stick with one market research company. To stick with one is
to decide to be poor. The trick to succeeding with online paid surveys is to be registered with as
many good paying market research companies as possible. This would bring you a constant
stream of surveys to participate in. Without that, you only get trickles, nothing like the avalanche
of surveys you were expecting.

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Why People Fail to Make Money With Online Surveys


A brief search on line will find dozens of references to online survey scams from people who
haven’t made any money. With so many opportunities around, why do some people fail in this
easy internet business activity?

Generally because they did not know what they were doing and/or were poorly advised. Most
failures fall into one of three categories:

Poor choice of where to start:
They answered an ad and jumped in, not realizing that they were dealing with a sales company
trying to look like a paid online survey company, but just wanted to sell them things.

Alternatively, they tried to go the easy route and paid for a list of survey sites only to find it is
simply a list of other companies, many of which weren’t operating in their country, and even
more that offer no more than the remote chance of winning a prize at the end of a long survey.
Not only hadn’t they earned any money, but they were out of pocket by the cost of the guide.
The simple fact is that there are many websites that will sell you a list of companies offering paid
survey work, encouraging you to part with large sums of money against the promises of a full
time income for very little work. The reality is that these sites provide nothing that you can’t get
from a free listing site . In fact, because the free directories
don’t charge a fee for information, they need to be more vigilant at keeping details up to date to
keep visitors returning, whereas paid directories have already had your money and have little
incentive to do more.

Failure to get started
Many people are filled with enthusiasm until it comes to filling out their applications to take
surveys. They look at the pages of information required and decide it’s too much work. Although
it may seem like a lot of information, the survey companies need this data to determine whether
or not you fit the criteria for a particular survey. For example, if they don’t know that you have a
young baby how will they know to send you surveys about baby food?

Failure to sign up with a large enough number of survey makers.
Not every survey maker is active with new surveys every week. It's a numbers game. If you don't
sign up with all the available survey makers out there, you will miss surveys you could have
taken and lose income that you otherwise could have made. The consequent lack of income is
discouraging and causes some to quit trying.

Sign up with all the survey makers that you can. Get a copy of Robo-Form to help you fill out
the repetitive parts of applications fast. Plan to sign up for 150 to 300 survey makers. Yes, it's a
lot of work for no immediate return, but it will pay off in the long run. Remember that survey
makers cannot send you surveys to fill out if they don't know you are there, ready willing and
able, to fill them out. Get the word out, get on as many lists as you can and you will be rewarded
handsomely for your efforts!

Failure to act professionally
Once registered with the survey sites, invitations start to arrive, but they don’t respond
immediately and a few days later find the survey has closed, or they don’t reply honestly in an attempt to complete surveys for which they aren’t qualified, or simply don’t put in the required
effort and find their work rejected.

The client, and therefore the market researcher company, want instant results so they’ll send out
far more invitations than they need, accepting the input from the first to respond. If you don’t
complete the survey on day one, there’s a strong chance the client will already have received
enough information, and after a few no-shows they’ll assume you simply aren’t interested and
remove your name from the list.

If you do receive an invitation, you need to remember that you are being paid to do a job and
should act in a professional manner. This means checking e-mails regularly, answering truthfully
and take your time to consider your answer rather than putting down anything to get it finished

Unrealistic Expectations
Expectation of immediate results without doing any work. Some people start out with paid online
surveys expecting to get rich quick, without having to do any work. So they sit and wait, and
when no money comes in they quit.

Plan your work, work you plan, and expect that results will follow. Sure, you can make money.
But it's not automatic; things won't move unless and until you do. You have to do the signup
work, answer promptly, take the surveys and do a good job of answering all the questions in
order to make the money come in. Do these things and you will succeed.

Lack of patience with the process.
Some fail for lack of patience. You hear people say, "I tried it for two weeks and didn't make any
money, so I quit."

Be patient! Two weeks is not even enough time to get started properly! If you do everything
right, get signed up for the maximum number of paid online surveys in the first 2-3 weeks, you
might make some income in the first month. But you will not hit your peak income for a few
months. Survey makers are cautious with new signups. They will send out only a few surveys at
first, to check you out, see how well and how quickly you respond. Don't expect to be invited to
participate in a $250 focus group right away. They will start you with something smaller, then if
that goes O.K. you will be considered for bigger things. Be patient. Don't expect everything to
happen overnight. It will come. Just give it time.
If you can avoid failure, you will succeed. If for no other reason, because by avoiding failure,
success is the only alternative left!

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Can you make money with paid online surveys?


Can you make money with paid online surveys? The short answer is yes! Market researchers are
turning to paid online surveys more and more to get the information they need for their
companies or clients. Lower costs, in particular from lower staffing costs, and fast turnaround
times make this an increasingly popular way to sample market opinion.

There are hundreds of companies out there making paid online surveys. There are thousands of
paid online surveys being made every month. Many thousands of people are getting paid good
money for filling out these paid online surveys every month.

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What are Online Paid Surveys?


At some point in time anyone who surfs the Internet gets asked to fill out a survey. Big ones,
little ones, all types are out there. Whilst it originally feels good to be asked your opinion after
you’ve had dealings with a company, after a while we get hardened to the idea and most people
just generally ignore them.

But surveys are important, especially to the instigator as a valuable source of information about
what people are thinking. They provide insights and details of customer preferences, wants and

In addition, many companies don’t have a close and immediate contact with their customers.
Consider for example, some of the top household names in the grocery sector. Their immediate
customers are distributors and major supermarket chains but their real customers, the ultimate
consumer will make decisions maybe hundreds or thousands of miles away. The manufacturer
needs to know why this customer chooses one product over another. But how do they find out?

The answer is surveys. The manufacturer hires a Marketing Research firm to find out what
potential buyers think. The Marketing Research firm carefully crafts a series of questions
designed to get answers to the primary questions that management has. Then they contract a
Survey making company to physically get answers to their questionnaire. They specify the
demographics; geographic areas, qualifying questions, "How many times do you buy groceries a
month?" "How much do you spend on groceries each month?" and so forth.

Traditionally that meant sending interviewers onto the streets or onto the phones to ask people
for their opinions. Unfortunately, it is natural for people to be overwhelmed when they have to
speak to someone on the phone or face to face and so traditional surveys can feel like an
interview and the atmosphere can be quite threatening.

Online paid surveys are nothing like this, as the survey takers remain anonymous and can take
them at their own pace as and when it fits their schedule, rather than the exact moment they’re
rushing out the door (subject to quota not being filled). Participants can be totally honest and
truthful, as unlike face to face or telephone surveys, they don’t have to worry about saying
something stupid.

This means the product manufacturers and brand name companies find out what consumers
really think rather than what they think the company want to hear.

The survey maker runs a computer sort on its database of survey takers to see how many qualify
under the demographic specifications. Then they select a representative sample of these, adjust
the sample size to fit within their budget for this survey. When they are ready they post the
survey on a private page of their website and send out email notifications to the chosen survey

Now how do they know that these people are qualified and that they will take the time to go to
the website and fill out the survey forms?

They know that these survey takers are qualified because they had all filled out applications
earlier giving their complete demographic information. And, they know that most will come in and fill out the survey forms because they have already agreed to pay them for their

And the survey maker's contract with the Marketing Research firm included the funds to pay the
survey takers.

And so you see, it makes perfect sense for the manufacturer (and thousands of companies in
similar situations of needing information and feedback from their distant customer base) to pay
for this survey information. This means that there are many thousands of surveys being made,
and the survey makers must have a large, stable list of survey takers available to send them out

So all you have to do to get paid to take surveys is to get on the survey makers' lists, then check
your in-box and respond to the surveys you are offered!

Online paid surveys can be interesting. Merchandise owners and manufacturers are always
hungry for feedback about their products. Survey takers are often involved in online paid surveys
for pre-product launches. It can be a great feeling being in the know, especially when you see
products you’ve reviewed when they appear in the shops. Typically you’ll be reviewing new
foodstuffs, cleaning product ideas and entertainment products, but you could be discussing the
new lines for famous fashion or cars, MP3 players, music, etc.

Such free internet paid surveys allow you to share your knowledge and explain what you hope to
see in products.

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